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Proposals Coordinator


Job Description

1.Well Versed with the bidding procedures of important clients like Saudi Aramco, Royal Commission, SABIC and Government tendering procedures. Handling the clients’ web portals like Aramco ECN for all communications with client.

2.Preparation of periodic reports about the current activities and load of the Bidding Department. Make presentations and provide details on the bids under study to the management as required.

3.Coordination and obtaining estimated “Direct Costs” from chief estimators.

4.Preparation of “Indirect Cost” for each project under Bidding, details as below:

·Estimation of Site Staff required for the project

·Estimation of Site Offices setup, Temporary Accommodation for site staff and labor.

·Estimation of Site Equipment, Plant and Machinery.

·Estimation of Client requirement at site (offices, manpower, vehicles…) as per tender documents.

·Estimation of Other Contractual requirements (Safety, Quality, site investigations, as required for each tender.

·Mobilization, Demobilization and Defects Liability Period Cost Estimation.


5.Inter Department Coordination:

·Project Management Dept. - for obtaining actual costs of manpower & staff in the company.

·Planning – for project schedules and manpower requirements for Indirect Cost Estimation.

·Engineering Dept. - for obtaining design input for specific tenders.

·Finance Dept. – For obtaining financial documents and Bid Bonds if required.

·Company Warehouse - for obtaining updated information on plant and machinery.

6.Estimation of Saudization requirements as requested in the tender. Specifically, for Aramco projects based on individual tender’s “Schedule S” document.

7.Assisting the Business Development Department with Bidding department data for ongoing bids, submitted bids, secured projects etc… for Company’s Pre-Qualification procedure.

8.Coordination with JV partners in the tenders involving a JV partnership for integrated indirect cost.

9.Bid Evaluation and Preparation of “Top Sheet” of the company. (The summary sheet of all the captured Direct & Indirect cost heads, Overheads and Profit).

10.Initiate the Bid Closeout meeting with management to validate the figures, fix Overheads and Gross Margin to finalize the tender value.

11.Finalization of the priced BOQ with assignment of uplift factor to the cost for tender submission.

12.Post bid Coordination with clients if bid revisions are requested.

13.Organize and transfer estimate data to the Project Management Department once the project is secured and assist in preparing the budget for the project.


  B.Sc. Degree in engineering from recognized University.

      20-25 years engineering experience
        3 years’ experience in Saudi Arabia in the same occupation

  Previous experience in similar position in contracting Co. in KSA.

  Strong English Command.

  Good experience in construction field.

  MS Software

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Work Experience

15 years

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