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Technical Office Manager


Job Description

  1. Reviewing the project scope & prepare project brief to be presented to the team / Management.
  2. Review the NDA agreement if applicable
  3. Identify project constrains That THABAT May face as per scope and received documents utilizing the lessoned learned from previous projects actual execution experience
  4. Identify the bid design requirement (if any)
  5. Design agreements & coordination with design firm (when needed)
  6. Contact point with all clients to send questions, receive responses & addendum and all correspondence.
  7. Attend technical clarification meetings with clients
  8. Support business development team through prequalification preparation and final review as well  according to each client requirement.
  9. Attending workshops and presentation meetings with new clients to present Thabat capabilities to undertake projects in different sectors
  10. Explain and brief planer about the scope of the project and construction methodology to prepare the initial project schedule and then review as part of technical submittal
  11. Prepare the project execution plan and methodology as part of the technical submission
  12. Raise the flag to estimation team for any issues from construction/ technical point of view utilizing the previous experience in construction in similar projects.
  13. Review the major packages quotations and make sure it’s complying with the project specs and project requirements.
  14. Attending bid commercial review meetings and raise the flag  (if any concern based on previous experience)
  15. Identify the client requirement to consider in the indirect cost by reviewing the received RFP documents
  16. Attending job Ex meetings and site visit and prepare the report to share with the team
  17. Coordinate with other departments for bid bond, IKTVA requirement & financial reports as needed.
  18. Preparing the technical submission
  19. Trained user for Aramco ECN & SAP Ariba vendor system
  20. checking Etimad portal for new released bids, questions & Answer for purchased bids & submission through Etimad


15-20 years engineering experience.
At least 5 years’ experience in Saudi Arabia as a Technical Office Manager
B.Sc. Degree in engineering from recognized University.
Strong English Command.
Good experience in construction field.
MS Software.

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Work Experience

15 years

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