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Job Description

1. Manage all BEO’s projects.

2. Under the supervision of the BEO manager, Initiate, execute, plan, control and close all BEO.

3. Make the final decision on projects outputs and coordinate with quality consultant on implementation.

4. Provide financial, operational and management consulting over projects and cases.

5. Regularly update projects risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.

6. Coordinate collection of feedback from the business concerning BEO products/services, e.g., ppm platform, SharePoint, project templates and governance processes.

7. Provide consultations and solutions regarding the company’s issues and cases.

8. In coordination with BEO manager, search for qualified external consultants and free lancers.

9. Contact external and internal consultants regarding BEO’s projects.

10. Prepare and evaluate a list of potential consultants send them to the BEO manager.

11. Monitor day-to-day management of BEO platforms (ERP, SharePoint and ppm tool).

12. Attend project scoping, requirements and lessons learned workshops as required and collate action points.

13. Act as a reference point for BEO queries and information and be an advocate for project best practice.

14. Maintain processes to ensure project management documentation, reports and plans are accurate and complete.

15. Track and report on project and program performance, providing a real-time, comprehensive and prioritized view of all projects.

16. Oversee BEO activities in the BEO manager’s absence.

17. Any other duties assigned by the direct manager.


1.Bachelor of business administration or relevant field.

2. PMP certificate is a must.

3. 3 years’ experience at least at management consultant is a must.

4. 5 years of related experience with around 2 years of exposure to project management.

5. Proficient in Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint required. Ms projects is a must.

6. Excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiating and Problem-solving.

7. Languages: Arabic and English.

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