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ü  Responsible in managing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of cancers that occur in children such as cancer of the blood or leukaemia.

ü  They may also utilize other cancer therapies like chemotherapy or radiation therapy in order to treat cancers at localized are.

ü  The duties of paediatric oncologists may also involve relieving adverse effects of different cancer treatment and treating signs and symptoms of cancer that is experienced by the patient.

ü  Paediatric oncologists consult with patient’s family members and refer to other physicians in order to develop an accurate patient history. Additionally, they conduct physical assessments and examinations and other diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, test results and biopsies. They discuss all the necessary treatment options with their patient’s caregivers and family.

ü  Work as a team of other oncology specialists so as to provide the best possible treatment option for children.

ü  Spends all or most of his or her practice in the treatment of cancer patients;

ü  Provides institutional leadership in cancer prevention, screening, and diagnosis;

ü  Able to coordinate multidisciplinary cancer care and be an effective partner on a multidisciplinary care team of oncologists from different specialties;

ü  Can bring to patient care all levels of cancer rehabilitation, including teaching psychosocial coping, maximizing quality of life, and returning the patient to employment as soon as possible;

ü  After determining the type and severity of the cancer, the oncologist develops a treatment plan that may include medication, surgery, and procedures such as radiation and chemotherapy. Because cancer treatments can affect other parts of the patient's bodies, especially the immune system, the oncologist coordinates with other doctors to treat or manage the side effects.

ü  Provides long-term follow-up care for detecting recurrences and second primaries;

ü  Able and willing to participate in the design and implementation of clinical protocols;


ü  can diagnose and treat disorders such as cancerous lymphomas, disorders of the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in children.

ü  use several methods of treatment, including chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, and radiation therapy.

ü  caring and loving towards infants and children.

ü  responsive and should possess problem solving abilities.

ü  possess exceptional interpersonal skills and should be have in-depth knowledge of this profession.

ü  observant, dedicated and hardworking

ü  well trained in how to communicate bad news and discuss end-of-life care or options such as pain relief, hospice care, and resuscitation choices with parents

ü  well-trained in various oncology procedures such as biopsies, surgeries and tumour or cysts removal.

ü  Doctor of Medicine (MD)

ü  Residency program is also a must.

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