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ü  Work closely with other physicians such as surgical oncologists, interventional radiologists, internal medicine subspecialists, and medical oncologists, as well as medical physicists and technicians as part of the multi-disciplinary cancer team.

ü  Work closely with radiation oncology medical physicists and radiation therapists to plan and deliver radiotherapy.

ü  Important role in communicating with patients, their family members and other carers in the management of the patient’s cancer and overall care.

ü  Responsibly for determining and setting the most suitable amount of radiation (from high energy X-rays, electron beams or gamma rays) to deliver to a patient and the way that this will be carried out.

ü  After treatment, ongoing follow-up by the Radiation Oncologist is common, in helping to assess the patient’s response to treatment and manage any further developments in the care of the patient.

ü  Meet regularly with patients and their carers to discuss what is involved before, during and after treatment.

ü  Integrally involved in the formulation and execution of the management plan of cancer patients and therefore require specific knowledge and skills in the application of ionizing radiations to cancer treatment.

ü  Using an evidence-based approach, responsible for the appropriate recommendation, prescription and supervision of therapeutic ionizing radiation.

ü  The competent and ethical discharge of these responsibilities results in improved quality of life and/or survival for cancer patients, which in turn benefits families, society and future care.

ü  Responsible for monitoring the patient and organising imaging and other tests, in order to create and action a management plan for a patient.

ü  Prescribe a radiation dose, modality, technique and plan specific to each patient’s diagnosis.

ü  Closely monitor patients receiving radiation therapy for side effects during weekly on treatment and follow up visits.

ü  Responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment, follow up, and supportive care of the cancer patient, and forms an integral part of their multidisciplinary management and investigation.


ü  Expertise in the treatment of noncancerous conditions using radiotherapy.

ü  Training program in Radiation Oncology and certification.

ü  Basic Sciences, including Physics, Cancer Biology & Radiobiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Medical Statistics, Clinical radiology

ü  Research and clinical audit

ü  Competencies in:

Organ or system-based specialities:

Head & Neck tumours, Brain tumours, Gastro-intestinal tumours, Lung and Mediastinal tumours, Bone and Soft Tissue tumours, Skin tumours, Breast tumours, Gynaecological tumours, Genital - urinary tumours, Eye tumours, Lymphomas & Leukaemia, Paediatric Tumours, Retreatment, Palliative Radiotherapy, Benign diseases, Oncological emergencies

ü  Radiotherapy Techniques: external beam radiation therapy (including IMRT), brachytherapy, systemic radioisotope therapy

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