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Job Description

ü  Take reasonable care for your own Health and Safety and that of any other person who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work

ü  Co-operate in ensuring that statutory regulations, codes of practice, local policies and departmental health and safety rules are adhered to

ü  Test cancerous growth found on the body of the patients

ü  Provide expert guidance and aid in the diagnosis of cancer and where appropriate take over the care of patients.

ü   Provide expertise in the management of cancer through multidisciplinary teams by developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with medical colleagues in other specialties and participating in regular clinical meetings and other professional activities.

ü  Help to ensure the safe and effective administration of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, endocrine and other therapies and appropriate patient monitoring.


ü  Provide care for Oncology patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings and to participate fully in the Oncology on-call duty rota.

ü  Ensure that practice is up to date; this will necessitate the consultant taking responsibility for their Continuing Professional Development

ü  Share responsibility for data protection arising out of the use of computers, and to maintain good practice in the handling of confidential information.

ü  Accountable for improving and complying with infection control practices.

ü  Provide care that promotes optimal functioning and quality of life for each individual patient.

ü  Ensure that all aspects of service are delivered safely and conform to national standards and published guidelines, monitored by regular audit.

ü  Provide timely high quality information that is accurate for patients, families and carers.

ü  Commitment to continual service improvement.

ü  Involvement of service users and all relevant partners who provide shared care in service development and review.

ü  Test and find out how developed the cancer is and then decide upon the line of treatment for the patient

ü  Explain to the patient the situation and provide them some comfort

ü  Talk to the patients’ family and explain to them the situation truthfully and tell them how they can cope with the treatment

ü  In the case of surgeries, they have to tell the patient and their family of the risk that is involved

ü  Coordinate with any other doctors that the patient may be seeing

ü  Keep reports on the progress of the patient

ü  Even after the body is cancer free, keep a follow up on the patients as there are chances that the cancer can recur

ü  Review test results and determine the stage as well as the type of cancer that takes place.

ü  Provide patient with detailed information regarding cancer, the prognosis of the disease and possible interventions or treatment options that the patient may undergo.

ü  Monitor patients starting from their diagnosis until the entire process of treatment.

ü  Responsible in developing treatment plans according to a great number of factors which covers the nature and type of cancer as well as the patient’s preferences.


Qualifications : 

MRCP Diploma or overseas equivalent

Clinical trials experience

Full GMC Registration and License to Practice

On Specialist Register/SpR due to obtain relevant

CCT/CESR(CP) within 6 months of interview

Valid Certified Advanced Life Support Skills

Clinical Experience, Knowledge & Skills : 

Ability to offer expert clinical opinion on range of problems both emergency and elective within the specialty of oncology

Ability to take full and independent responsibility for clinical care of patients

Clinical training and experience equivalent to that required for gaining CCT in Oncology

Broad based experience in Medical Oncology

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