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محرك بحث للجميع

الخطوات الأولية لبدء تشغيل الموارد البشرية

أكتوبر 21, 2018 Amira Gamal


هل تحلم بالتخرج؟

هل لديك حلم للحصول على الوظيفة المثالية؟

All of us have dream, is to graduate and have a perfect job with a promising career life

But none of us ever thought about how we are going to achieve that or set a plan for it.

Universal certificate is not enough for reaching your career goal, you need to be prepared for the challenge for joining any company.

So there’s a lot that has to be done in developing your own personality, begin with soft skills workshops and training.

All of us would like to work as a hr. professional, but before of that have you ever asked yourself these questions:

Do you Want to start you career in HR Filed and why?

How to start HR Career?

What is the first step to get into HR field?

Most of people now want to join the HR career but they doesn’t know how to start

HR Certificate is a must!! This phrase we see it as a requirement in many HR vacancies so How I can get it??

First you have to increase your knowledge and that will happen through self-study such as online courses  or applying in a program  that is going to help you with more academic way, also in HR field you go attend a lot of workshops ,by these 2 steps you have put your self in the beginning of the road , and it still a long road but all you need is the willing to always go beyond , and working on your self .

Article Author  :Amira Foad .

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