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who we are?

Tawzef is a centrally-located human resource consulting firm, with headquarters located in Cairo. We provide our clients with management solutions, tailored to suit your company’s specific staffing needs. Tawzef knows what employers look for in their employees as well as what it takes to have the most efficient staff possible. With our team of specialized consultants, we provide training as well as talent scouting for perspective employees. Tawzef has worked in many areas of business, we have a pool of trained employees at our fingertips, waiting to be hired by you. Our experienced combined with our access to professionals makes us unbeatable in human resource management. At Tawzef, we believe in meeting today’s employment challenges by creating a model for success.


why choose tawzef?

  • We only hire top performers and avoid costly hiring mistakes using our thorough, customized assessment methodologies from our team of experts.
  • We will take on the burden on your HR department.
  • We will expose you to our highly experienced and dedicated consultants who analyze their database to fill the position promptly.
  • We will expand your recruitment pool and retain your existing work force.
  • We will keep you at the forefront of your market via our detailed market map, giving you that edge that sets you apart from your competitors
  • We always approach prospective candidates on a confidential basis in order to protect your future business plan.
  • We will get the best contract with a prospective employee at any level, using our top negotiators and increase the chance of hiring the candidate.
  • We will ensure that you are getting only the highest caliber employees with our thorough background checks.
  • We guarantee a minimum 6-month contract with the new hire, as well as taking the responsibility for replacing them upon termination at no extra charge.



overseas recruitment

Tawzef can increase the size of your employee pool with the use of our satellite facilities, finding the best staff member for you, no matter where you are in the world. Using our international methodology, we can hurdle through any barriers that may be separating you from the staff you need.

executive search

Tawzef offers a strategic executive search technique, selection, and acquisition within the upper-middle and top management levels that caters to your needs. Our strategic approach ensures that we can place the right person in the right position. Our efficient and proven methodologies, networking capabilities, and team of global professionals provide our clients with a truly unique understanding of their needs in the most timely and effective manner.

business unit outsourcing

Tawzef utilizes the uniqueness of a client’s internal HR function to home in on the talent management and acquisition level, alongside all the remaining HR functions. We offer our clients all three types of outsourcing services: off-shoring, near-shoring, and home-shoring. We also allow the client to freely choose the size of outsourcing, including full or partial outsourcing in order to provide more flexibility, meeting the benefits of increasing the quality, reducing costs, reducing start-up risks and enhancing the full service accountability. Our outsourcing solutions help you improve your business performance while allowing HR professionals more time to play a more strategic role in their position. Tawzef gives its clients the tools needed and opportunities to fully utilize their resources in order to improve clients’ time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, increase sourcing timeliness and expertise, provide verifiable results, and reduce cost with improving performance of the dedicated professionals. We strongly believe in the importance in every area of HR, we provide our clients with the opportunity of outsourcing internal HR functions such as organizational development, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations and personnel functions.

hR consulting

Tawzef provides innovative HR ideas, which are handled by our US and UK-based professionals. We are dedicated to serving our clients at the highest-level; including aiding with organizational structure and design, promoting practical and applicable HR systems mainly on corporate and HR strategy, employee pay and benefits, talent management, training and development, and performance management programs. We continually improve our clients’ work force and increase their productivity, therefore guaranteeing business-level success, and promoting organizational performance. Our HR services include Corporate/HR Strategy, Employee Pay/Benefits, Talent Management, Training & Development and Performance Management.


Tawzef offers diverse recruitment solutions, including large-scale and global recruitment, advertised talent search, and strategic talent sourcing, with our results-oriented consultants utilizing our international standards and methodologies.


Tawzef assists our clients with money-saving tactics, such as outsourcing front office functions by outsourcing as needed. The client can use people in any Tawzef location to handle customer support, Sales indoor/outdoor, Customer Services, etc.


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Tawzef for Recruitment & HR Consultancy Tawzef for Recruitment & HR Consultancy

Atya Al Sawalhi St. From Makram Ebied St.Serag Mall towers, tower 3, entrance 11 ,5th floor Nasr City, Cairo 11671 EG

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